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Portable digital audio players (DAP) count among the recent technological innovations that have successfully penetrated the mass market. This is so because almost everybody loves music and many people would like to have music in most places they frequent, and would likewise prefer having music while on the go. The huge success of Walkman from the Japanese firm Sony a few decades ago attests to the potent consumer demand for portable DAPs, a popularity replicated in the current proliferation of MP3 players and the need for many song aficionados to search for a music download site in the internet.

Likewise contributing to the popularity of MP3s and other DAP devices is their affordability. Nowadays, it is possible to spend as low as $20 to have one such portable music player. There are of course more pricey models; prices will vary depending on several factors such as the DAP memory or storage capacity and added features such as recording capability and versatility of use, with some devices having been designed for water-based activities like swimming. In addition to the MP3, there are many other alternative formats of the digital music feature in portable players. These include AAC, WMA and FLAC, but the MP3 format remains dominant as it has the advantage of being ahead in development and supported in most DAP devices in the market. For this reason, there are more people who download MP3s online than those who access a music download site for other DAP content formats.

Owing to this popularity, hundreds of websites offer services to those who wish to download MP3s. There are web portals that provide free access to digital music downloads through a basic membership. This is a no-frills type of membership to a music download site; downloading is very slow and limited. Faster and unlimited downloads come through a membership upgrade. In both the paid and free membership, access to songs or music eventually goes to some file sharing systems wherein the contents are supplied by the web portals` members themselves.

As the senior netizens would expect, such a system is a potential powder keg for viruses, spyware, adware and malware. Any Tom, Dick, Harry or Jane can create an account in these free-wheeling websites and upload material in their file sharing systems. True, there are benefits which could be derived from such a music download site, like a wider choice to download MP3s. But there are trade-offs and risks that need to be weighed against whatever potential benefits that could be derived from these online resources.

A safer and more secure music download site would be an online shop that charges a membership fee. The link below will be helpful in accessing such an ideal portal to download MP3s. You can be rest assured to get your money`s worth by subscribing to its vast online song library. Its collection of music encompasses various musical genres which could all be accessed on an unlimited basis. In addition, an equally rich collection of movies and games are available to the subscribers of this website. Customer support services are likewise in place to provide complete satisfaction to the subscribers hooked on their MP3s.

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